About CTS Metal

CTS METAL  was founded to supply the original auxiliary replacements for the Automotive and Agriculture Key Industry.

Our firm has worked with the elite companies and has been a dependable firm in its sector since its foundation.

Our company has produced the “ZINC WIRE” ,which had been imported before the project which was supported by TTGV and R&D of TUBITAK, and then changed the consumptions of the sector leader firms as Aygaz, Evas into the domestic products between the years 2001-2002. The zinc cable, the raw material of the metalized technic providing a very important protection to corrosion, is supplied to the users with the world class dimensions and packaging under the mark of “ZINCOVER”. Our exports have been going on increasingly.

The main aim of our firm having ISO 9001 certificate is to maintain its position as the superiority in its sector by fulfilling the needs of the customers correctly as soon as possible.




We adopted the aim offering the customers to be glad under the light of their needs and wishes and having a strong collaboration with us by presenting all our products and services as;

  • Suitable to customers’ wishes with quality system,
  • Constantly improved,
  • Time efficient.



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